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My child is sick


Asking for help.







     Let's be clear. Asking for help is never easy.  We want to make sure when we connect with a family that they know we understand asking for help is hard. It can make parents feel like they aren't providing for their family or that people are judging their situation.  During the first phone call, we will describe our organization and explain ways we may be of help in your particular situation.  We will then, respectfully, give you time to talk things over with your spouse to see if you are comfortable working with our organization.


Getting approved.

     After our initial phone conversation, we will discuss your situation with the executive board.  The children we seek to serve are seriously ill with life threatening and chronic illnesses. We will make sure you meet this criteria first and foremost.  There will then be a discussion of your immediate and long term needs, whether they be financial or emotional.

Emotional needs.


    Seeing your child in pain can take a tremendous emotional toll.  Families are our first line of defense against stress and sadness, but for families with long term and life threatening illnesses, sometimes you need another person to share with.


    One unique aspect of our organization is that we have parent volunteers who have lived through childhood illness first hand. These parents can connect with you the way no other volunteer can because we have 'been there...done that.'  If you wish to speak wth these families specifically please let your family partner or a board member know and we will get you connected.


     We are currently developing our FAMILY PARTNER program.   Your family will be parntered with a volunteer who will serve as your contact person for our organization. Your family partner will check on you and connect with you on a personal level to determine your familys' needs.

Financial Needs.

     No one can plan enough, or have enough money saved to cover all the expenses associated with serious and long term childhood illness.  Our financial goal for your family is to be able to help you be present for your child when they need you, and ease some financial burden when possible, so you can maintain your family.


    Our goal as an organization is to say 'yes' whenever we can.


     First and foremost we seek to help with medical expenses.  For each family situation this will be unique. Some parents need gas money, others prescription medications, medical equipment,and others, funds to cover lost days of employment while the child was in the hosptial.  What your family recieves will be based on your needs and our funding.  If we are unable to assist, we will redirect you to other organizations in our area better suited to your particular need. The executive board reserves the right to approve or deny funding at any time.

Tough love.

     As an organization, we are trusted to be good stewards of our funding.  With that being said, sometimes we have to say 'no'.  If your request is denied, we will explain why and try to redirect you to other funding in our area.

We will also ask you questions like:

"What are your plans for paying bills?"

"What are your future employment plans?"

"Do you need to consider a different job/ house/ car?"

"Do you need to apply for food stamps?"


     Our goal is to guide you ....not just provide for you.


     Under no circumstance will our funding be used to pay for anything other than what was requested.  We will require you to show receipts and proof of appointments.  Any breach of that trust will result in any further funding being denied.

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