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Coulter Hampton Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 organization and proud member of the Gordon County United Way.

On March 12th, 2005 and entire community came together to help an eight year old boy. His name is Coulter and he is my son. It was the hope of our friends and family to sponsor a special day to uplift Coulter and raise money for his fight against Dyskeratosis Congenita. While Coulter was fighting for his life in Cincinnati Children's Hosptial, our town rallied together to show us their support and love for our amazing son. Unfortunately, Coulter wasn't able to conquer his disease and after fighting for six and a half years, lost his battle.  The Coulter Hampton Foundation will continue in honor of him. Every year during the weekend of March 12th we will have a special day to remember Coulter, raise awareness, and collect funds to help local families and the organizations that helped us.


Since Coulter's death we have helped over 50 families in our area who also have children who are seriously ill.

Please joins us in paying forward the love shown to our family.

We live as long as we are remembered.


A word about Coulter...


Once at a grief workshop I was asked to sum up Coulter in a few words. JOYFULLY LOUD popped into my head....because he was!  He had so much stacked against him, that it is a wonder he smiled at all. But he did. And quite often!  He loved to watch movies and dress up as the characters, crack jokes, and could swing for hours.  And while he was deaf, he was not quiet.  I knew exactly where he was by following the boisterous belly laugh. That deep, genuine laugh that comes from true happiness.  He could have been so full of rage and sadness at his situation, but he wasn't.   He just was a combination of adventuresome boy and tender hearted observer.  His illness just brought us all closer.  We cherished him everyday....and still do.  His courage dispite all of the adversity he faced reminds me to be couragous every day.  I hope his courage will inspire you, too.


Much love, 

Nikki Hampton

Coulter and Mom spend some time together at Cincinnati Children's Hosptial after his transplant.

Star 94 Interview of Nikki Hampton

Our Logo...

Coulter drew what we now affectionately call "Super Coulter" one day in the clinic. We were coloring everyone in our family. He drew each of us carefully on the ground and then he drew this image of himself in the sky. "I'm strong. I'm brave" he announced. I fell in love with this picture because this is how he thought of himself...strong and courageous...not the broken little boy so many other people saw.

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